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Wind Chimes

How To Shop For The Ideal Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are used across the world for various purposes. Some use it simply for decorative purposes while many use it as Feng Shui items. Wind chimes are ideal complements to any decor. If you are buying them for ornamental purposes then you can pick the designs that cater to your preferences and buy one that perfectly fits in your budget. Should you want to buy wind chimes for purely Feng Shui purposes then you have to indulge in a more extensive exercise and find out a bit more about the items and what they are.

Wind chimes are Feng Shui items that create a sound as a reaction to the wind. An ordinary person wouldn’t know the difference between the sounds created by various wind chimes or by the same wind chime at different times or in different settings. But someone who is trained on Feng Shui and is an expert on wind chimes will tell you the difference instantly. The primary factor that you must take into consideration while shopping for wind chimes is the quality of the sound and whether or not the device is well tuned!

Wrongly tuned wind chimes would be of no use. Ordinary wind chimes which are cheaply priced and those that you find anywhere on the market are not ideal Feng Shui wind chimes. They are not tuned; they do not play differently according to the intensity of the wind and are actually incapable of signalling the prevalence of the specific types of energies around you. Well made wind chimes that adhere to Feng Shui are what you should look for.

Wind chimes also need to be sturdy and weather resistant. Wind chimes are kept at places where they are exposed to the outdoor weather and unless the materials can withstand the extremes of weather, they can wear out very soon. You must look at the type of materials used and what kind of construction has gone into it.

There are many types of wind chimes and as varied their purposes are, the quality of sound and their positioning would also vary. You have to seek consultation with a Feng Shui expert and accordingly choose the type of wind chimes that shall be ideal for you and know where to put it up for the best results.

Wrong choice of wind chimes does not pose any harm but they wouldn’t be effective to its purpose.

A well-placed chime is like having your own personal guard. We have found some excellent Windchimes that have a number of uses depending on need, best guided by your Feng Shui Consultant. Hollow-tubes enliven and activate sluggish or stagnant energy. A well-placed windchime will call up helpful people for you, protect you and also call forth the deities. Windchimes also inform you as to the outside energy - to tell you if the chi is changing with the wind, whether the wind is strong or soft. Chimes also let you know when someone is entering your home or business.

  • A beautiful windchime, hand tuned like most of the rest of our offerings, weather-resistant finish. Tuned to an ancient pentatonic scale, it is 17" long with 5 metal hollow tubes.
    $21.00 Balance Encore Chime
    A beautiful windchime, hand tuned like most of the rest of our offerings, weather-resistant finish. Tuned to an ancient pentatonic scale, it is 17" long with 5 metal hollow tubes.

  • Feng Shui Peace Windchime
    $39.00 Feng Shui Crystal Windchime
    Feng Shui Crystal Windchime Wildly popular, has 6 metal hollow tubes and an Austrian Crystal centered in the birchwood windcatcher. Height 17".

  • Feng Shui Elements Windchime
    $22.50 Feng Shui Elements Windchime
    The extremely popular Feng Shui Elements Windchime with 5 metal hollow tubes, 15" long. Cherry wood finish.

  • Precious Gem and Crystal Chime
    $15.00 Gem Colored Crystal Chime
    This wonderful gem colored crystal chime is only 10 inches long from top to bottom. It is perfect for feng shui indoors wind chime cures.  Place by a window with full sun or outdoors, by your garden.  It will...

  • Imperial Lun Wind Chime
    $79.00 Imperial Lun Windchime
    This relaxing and tranquil windchime has distinctly Chinese tuning and an ancient sound - It has 6 metal hollow tubes, with Birch wood. 36" long, and a deeper voice than the others because the tubes are longer.

  • Pocket Charka Chime
    $15.00 $12.00 Pocket Charka Chime
    This beautiful pocket Chakra chime come with seven different stones ascending off of the top of the chime followed by four solid chimes on the bottom. The Chakras align along with the spine in the body.  Each...

  • Precious Stones Wind Chime with Crystal
    $15.00 $12.00 Precious Stones Wind Chime with Crystal
    This small wind chime has 3 faceted clear crystals and 4 solid chimes that make a light but beautiful sound. The larger crystal at the bottom provides the energy distribution that brings harmony and balance to your indoor or...

  • Chakra Chime - Seven Precious Stones
    $32.00 Seven Chakras Wind Chime
      This wind chime is a perfect fusion of sight and sound.  The seven semi-precious stones represent the Chakras - the major energy centers in the human body. Hang close to your front door, home or business,...

  • Thatched Roof Birdhouse Chime
    $20.00 Thatched Roof Birdhouse Chime
    This little bamboo birdhouse chime is so cute.  A beautiful handcrafted birdhouse tops mellow bamboo tubes. Bamboo gives our Asli Arts chimes an enchanting musical sound unlike any other chime. This chime is made...

  • Tranquil Mist Wind Chime
    $19.00 Tranquil Mist Wind Chime
    This tranquil bamboo windchime is both pleasing to the eye and ear. The harmonious tubes will sooth and invoke a feeling of peace and serenity. In Feng Shui, hanging the windchime properly is said to bring good fortune,...

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