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Wealth vs Prosperity


t.gifWealth vs Prosperity

We all know that these times are difficult and strained for most of us, and our focus has been almost completely on money, or the lack thereof.  So now let us take a hard look at wealth/prosperity from a feng shui perspective.

Many of us are in a position of fear we have never dreamed of ever being in, brought about by the world-wide economic situation.  It is, however, the perfect, in fact the ideal climate in which to make changes!

It is important to understand that the concept of  'wealth' not only means 'having money' but also having a sense of prosperity. The vitality that accompanies a sense of prosperity raises the 'wealth chi' and naturally strengthens the spirit.  Having strong prosperity chi is enhances and supports many other forms of wealth besides money. I believe that a large part of developing strong prosperity chi is to install trust in your mind and in your heart that you are provided for - that you are actually presented with ways in which to 'survive'.  Now if you have difficulty with this idea, try suspending your disbelief (in being doomed, for instance) for the time being and pretend that divine providence is watching out for you, and be grateful for it.    Employ the suggested Feng Shui techniques in your home and office. Do this for a few weeks, and you will probably find yourself strangely sure that you are somehow mysteriously being given help.  This doesn't mean, of course, that you can kick back and relax - you still have to be as prudent and mindful as ever, but the difference is that your chi will have gained strength, because the energy will have shifted. Another natural outcome of strong prosperity chi is that it can be shared, making the chi even stronger, and developing a generous nature at the same time.

The materials and techniques that Feng Shui offers, shifts the energy and can make changes that are quite surprising.

It is a very good idea to get a good Feng Shui book, such as Feng Shui The Harmony of Life, Feng Shui for Dummies, or one of the many excellent books listed.  And clear your house/office of clutter.  This is a big deal.  Be sure your front door can open as wide as possible.  How can good things enter your life if it is cluttered with stuff and you can't even welcome the wealth with 'an open door'?   That said, I'd like to share other ways to enhance your wealth and prosperity chi.

Eights Things You Can Do Right Now

1. First you need to do a space clearing.  This is essential for a strong result.  At high noon, do a powerful space clearing in your home/office to rid the area Smudge Kitof stagnant, unhealthy, negative chi.  You will need a smudge kit and a bell.  Thoroughly smudge the area burning the sage wands and repeating prayers such as the powerful OM MANI PAD ME HUNG - the most popular blessing in India and Asia. Say this or whatever prayer you devise 108 auspicious times as you carefully smudge every section of the home or office.  Prayer beads (Mala beads) with108 beads are very useful for counting; then you can wear them wrapped around your wrist or around the neck. At the same time you are smudging, continually ring the bell to call in help, insight and protection.  Try to be specific as to your needs.   After you do this thorough smudge, use incense on a daily basis to raise the chi and bring in blessings and keep negativity at bay.

2. Create a 'wealth shrine', a table or area with a red cloth on it to place objects.  Standing at the door of your bedroom (we say this because you spend the most time there at sleep) look to the far left corner.  This is your wealth sector.  Do this for your office also, but you do not need to make an obvious 'shrine' - just use the elements that we use on the home wealth shrine for the same affect.  Have fun creating your wealth shrine.  To start with, You will want to get a faceted crystal ball 30mm or larger, and either hang it on a length of red string or place it on a stand meant to hold crystal balls. This will energize your shrine and expand wealth chi.

3. Place your bell on this shrine, and ring it daily to call in financial help from both expected and unexpected places.

4. Place a rounded-leaf plant on your shrine, or 3 stalks of bamboo to grow your wealth chi.

5. There are several kinds of banks especially for Feng Shui purposes. Get a round mirror and put the bank on it, and place it on your shrine. Don't forget to put money in it daily while imagining the wealth doubling.

6. It will behoove both home and office to acquire a few wealth-drawing andLucky Wealth Rat financial luck animals. The Lucky Wealth Rat w/Coin in Mouth is known for its habit of hoarding bright shiny things (like coins).  A brass money dragon or a Brass Abundance Dragon are also a excellent choices for your shrine or desk. Check out the lucky cats for home and business. And the  Treasure Dragon Tortoise is ideal for desk or shrine.

7. In other places in the home or office you can use these powerful animals: Wealth Frog, Rooster and a number of others.  Take a little time to learn about the different animals and their special attributes, and incorporate them into your life.

8. One of the best things you can do for yourself, too, is to get a set of wind-Prayer Flagshorse (prosperity) prayer flags, and hang them from the highest place you can so that the wind will activate them as much as possible.

Well, that should keep you busy.With each object you are employing, take your time and focus, focus, focus on what each object is to do for you. Remember, their job is to help enhance wealth chi - your job is to remember that is what they are doing each time you see them.

Finally, take an Inventory of Blessings, after which you can ponder just how many things -attitudes as well as old stuff - you just might jettison for a fresh, healthier life.


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About the author

Cecile Wendover Clover is a Feng Shui consultant and art restoration expert.  You can learn more about her at www.restorationhelp.com