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The Feng Shui tortoises is used for several feng shu cures in and around the home and office.  The tortoises is used for protection and engery strengthing, career enhancer, stability, and many otther uses.

  • Ceramic Dragon Tortoise
    $22.95 Ceramic Dragon Tortoise
    Ceramic Dragon Tortoise Marvelously colorful, this Dragon Tortoise has its baby turtle on its back and sits upon a heap of coins and ingots, as it should do, to protect your wealth and future wealth! 6 inches long...

  • Dragon Tortoise
    $19.00 Dragon Tortoise
    Dragon Tortoise A good representation of prosperity, this is a Treasure-Dragon Tortoise. It has a coin in its mouth, with its baby on its back, and sitting firmly on a pile of coins and ingots. This is an...

  • Dragon-Headed Tortoise
    $39.00 Dragon-Headed Tortoise
    Dragon-Headed Tortoise Very unusual.The dragon-headed tortoise is used to improve wealth, luck, and relationships. This wonderful, eager Dragon-Tortoise has luck symbols inscribed on its shell. Made of bronze painted black...

  • Treasure Dragon Tortoise
    $20.50 Treasure Dragon Tortoise
    Treasure Dragon Tortoise Dragon Tortoise (Lo Shu Turtle) is a splendid animal which is sacred as a symbol of longevity, strength and endurance. Ours is called the yuan, whose nature embodies the qualities of the Dragon...

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