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The Yin and Yang of Your Home


yinyang-sm.jpgThe Yin and Yang of Your Home

By Jim Thomas


I've been spending a lot of time researching the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Chinese Metaphysics. The funny thing is, the more I think about the energies or Chi (Qi) of Yin and Yang, the more I see it in everyday life.

If you don't know, Yin and Yang is the cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics. There are two main opposing forces in existence; Positive (Yang Chi) and Negative (Yin Chi - not bad, just opposite). Yin and Yang Chi exist at all levels of the Universe. From the big and unimaginable, to the infinitesimally small and minuscule, everything has an opposite.

The purposes of these two opposites are to counterbalance each other. The purpose of Feng Shui (one of the Five Chinese Metaphysics) is to create harmony and balance between Yin and Yang Chi when these two forces meet in your home.

Examples of Yin spaces in your home would be your bedroom; dark colors, quiet, cool, relaxing, sensual, sleeping, away from activity, etc.

Examples of Yang, as you would imagine would be the opposite, your living room; bright lights, windows, doors, talking, activity, happy, playful, excitement, engaging, etc.

Exercise: Take a look around your entire home and observe where the dark and light spaces are. Take note of the active and inactive areas and ask yourself if this space should be Yin or Yang. Try to find the balance in your home.

Too much Yin Chi in your home is caused by having too many rooms being too dark, quiet and sleepy. The result will halt growth and prosperity in your life like trees going dormant for the winter.

Too much Yang Chi in your home is caused by having too many rooms being too active, bright, and not enough relaxation. The result is going nowhere fast like running on a treadmill - forever.    

Balance and harmony is the key to thriving in all areas of your life. Your bedrooms and zen dens should have Yin Chi; your living rooms and great rooms should have Yang Chi.   Give it a try and feel the prosperity flow into your life.

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