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The Symbolism of Clutter by Catherine Hilker


Feng Shui Emporium Welcomes: Catherine Hilker, Owner of Creating Sanctuary


The Symbolism of Clutter

In the recent past, clutter has become a common word and the subject of television shows, a topic of feng shui jargon, an increasingly popular business service and the bane of modern living!  There are many reasons that clutter has become problematic in our culture.  This article, however, is about the symbolism of clutter and its modern definition in feng shui terms.  

The word clutter in feng shui often translates to stagnant chi or energy. In the world of acupuncture, stagnant chi in the body can lead to distention, pain that moves around, depression and irritability. Stagnant chi in living spaces translates back to the body in some way. To be our very best and take good physical care of ourselves, our environments must be healthy too. Living in a cluttered space is like an athlete eating junk food. In the long run, there will be a negative consequence as a result.

Stagnant chi is the outcome of several effects. For example, spaces needing to be cleaned lead to decaying energy. Also, chi slows down when spaces are crowded with too many objects and furnishings. In this situation, breathing also becomes shallower. If we keep things we don’t use or love, chi gets bogged down.

Where clutter accumulates is often a great indicator of conscious and unconscious patterns. Here are some examples of the symbolism of physical clutter:

•    Front Entrance: also the mouth of chi, represents restricting the flow of opportunities and keeping others away. Is that what you want for your life?
•    Attics: signifies limiting higher aspirations. Do you really want to put a lid on your genius?
•    Basements: denotes living in the past. The past can inform the future, however, don’t let the past prevent your inspiration for creative expression and joy.
•    Behind Doors:  indicates blocking the flow of opportunities in specific ways. For example, in bedrooms this may be an unconscious attempt to preventing intimacy.
•    Out of sight: implies an over-emphasis on appearances. Clutter impacts a space whether it’s visible or not.  
•    All over: points to self-loathing and a potential serious disorder.

Stagnant energy is unavoidable, that’s called real life. The difference is what we do when clutter begins to create a life of its own and begins to impact the quality of any space.  Stuck energy is weighty, heavy, and unhealthy. Will you choose to do something about it?

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