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The Power of 9


Feng Shui Emporium Welcomes, Erin Plunkett

power-of-9.jpgThe number nine in Feng Shui is a very special and significant number; it is a number unto itself. Whenever you multiply the number nine, the sum can be added together and it will again become, or turn into, the number nine. Example: 9X9=81 this sum is added, once more, and becomes nine (8+1=9). Another example is: 23X9=207 (2+0+7=9).

9 = Completion

In Feng Shui, as it represents maximum power, maximum yield. 

What is the importance of Number 9 in Feng Shui? The answer is, Number 9 represents heaven and perfection. It is seen as the supreme Yang (male) number. To sum it up, it is the most powerful single number and is also seen as a very lucky number. When your Feng Shui consultant performs a house blessing or space clearing you will notice they chant the "6 true words" nine times, or chime their bells 9 times before and after the blessing ceremony. The Chinese meaning of number nine is completion and satisfaction. 

Early Chinese mythology saw the number nine as fields of heaven, nine terraces of the sacred mountain Kunlun, and nine songs of heaven .  Remember learning about The Forbidden City in China ? The city is said to have 9,999 rooms. Nine dragons  are incorporated into the emperor's throne, each one offering a different energy source to enhance his life.

Number nine is more significant than you think; it is a globe number with that has gained tremendous respect since the beginning of time.

In Egypt, nine or as they called, the higher power of three, was very important to the religious and cosmological order.  Ancient Egypt believed in nine gods.  Hebrews call the ninth letter of their alphabet "Tet," which symbolized completeness.  The Christian faith says there are nine choirs of angels in heaven and that Christ passed at the 9th hour.

This is just a small sample of the universal understanding about the great importance that number 9 holds within.  So whether you call it Feng Shui, reference another believe system, the common ground is that everyone recognizes there is a higher energy throughout the world.

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