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Stress Free Living with Feng Shui Cures by Dr. Sue Ruzicka


Feng Shui Emporium Welcomes: Dr. Sue Ruzicka

buddha1.jpgStressfree Living with Feng Shui Cures

Stress is the number one killer in our lives.  It cannot only degrade our emotional well being, it can have severe consequences on our physical health.  It has been linked to the development of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and depression.  Here are a few easy ways you can use to reduce the stressors in your everyday life.  Feng Shui Cures work!

Exercise - One of the best ways to reduce stress is to exercise daily.  If you wake up feeling tired or sluggish because of high EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields), you may not feel like it.  Place a tri-pack resonator on your fuse box and balance these fields throughout your home.  You may also place a round multi-faceted (40 mm recommended) crystal ball in the center of your room to calm the energy of the space.

Organize and Simplify - Write down important tasks because it frees your brain from mental clutter and stress from trying to remember everything.  Limit the list to a few essential tasks.  Take the extra books out of your bedroom.  If you have a television in the bedroom, cover it and use a crystal ball on tope of the television to mitigate high  EMFs.

Clean Your Home- A clean, uncluttered living space equals an uncluttered mind. Many people don’t realize that junk, clutter and dirt can contribute to emotional stress. Organization and cleanliness can help streamline many facets of everyday life leading to a more comfortable living situation. Having essential oils cleans emotions of space. Grapefruit oils and orange oil feel clean and fresh.  Use as a balancing mist.

Clean your office- Make sure your desk is clean and clutter free each day when you leave the office, so that when you come to work in AM, you start fresh.  You can hang a round multifaceted crystal ball over your desk to create clear and focused work. Make sure your EMF's are balanced in office.  Use full spectrum lighting and place a purple plate near computer to balance fields or use a salt lamp. File things away after you complete projects.  If you have many windows in office, you have a tendency to feel overwhelmed, hang a crystal ball in each of the windows to balance the busy chi that feels overwhelming to you.

Make Time For Fun -  With our busy work schedules and family life, it can be difficult for people to find time to unwind.  Make sure you have some time for yourself, to do whatever you want. Create a room to have fun.  Paint the room a fun bright color and make sure, if it has a bathroom with it, hang three crystal balls in a row in the doorway to balance the energy of the drains from the bathroom.  Play fun, light  music in the room.  Use Red Envelopes to invite positive chi.

Meditate - Meditation helps you focus on here and now.  This pushes unnecessary stress out and allow your mind and body to rest.  Research shows that meditation techniques done for several minutes everyday calms the mind.  Using Lavender or your favorite essential oil helps to calm the mind and the heart.  Remember to breathe.  Sit in a quiet, clutter free place you have created.  If you have an altar,  place some  beautiful stones and crystals on your altar.  Light a candle and focus on what you want to create for yourself and others.  Create the peace of mind you want daily.

Dr. Sue Ruzicka has been helping people create healthy living and work spaces for over 25 years. 
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