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  • Brass Buddha
    $175.00 Choose Options Brass Buddha
    Base varies from picture. This heavy brass Buddha measures almost 10" high, and radiates a wonderful presence of strength, contemplation and peace. His robes are simple and beautifully sculpted. He sits on a lotus throne,...

  • Brass Seated Tara, 8 in.
    $85.00 Brass Seated Tara, 8 in.
    A very beautiful, with a contemplative face. This Tara is a large brass statue with excellent detail. Seated, 8" high. Protected.

  • Bronze Buddha, Tibetan Style
    $32.00 Choose Options Bronze Buddha, Tibetan Style
    Seated, with three Buddhas embossed on his garments, one on the chest and two on the back. Peaceful countenance, sitting on a Lotus throne. Beautiful detail.

  • $34.00 Bronze Seated Tara
    Bronze statue of Tara in the seated position with great detail and a very gentle countenance. Height 4.5".

  • Classic Buddha, Bronze, 6.5 in.
    $85.00 Classic Buddha, Bronze, 6.5 in.
    This classic Buddha wears monastic robes and sits on a double row of lotus petals. His hands are in the meditation mudra. Many people love this Buddha because of his rounded, comforting presence. The statue is 6.5" high and...

  • Classic Buddha, w/ wood pedestal
    $88.00 $78.00 Classic Buddha, with wood pedestal
    This brass Buddha is the same as the one above, but with a hand-carved, wooden pedestal, creating a very Zen-esque feeling. Hands are in the mudra of 'overcoming the world of appearance through enlightenment'. Measures 5.5"...

  • Large 11" Tibetan Medicine Buddha #2
    $195.00 Large 11" Tibetan Medicine Buddha #2
    HEALTH PRACTITIONERS & SPA PEOPLE, this wonderful seated Medicine Buddha is suitable for a business, because it is large as well as powerful. It is ELEVEN INCHES TALL, and made of heavy brass with intricate, beautifully...

  • The Tibetan Healing Buddha (Medicine Buddha) #1
    $75.00 The Tibetan Healing Buddha (Medicine Buddha) #1
    For those in the healing professions, we have this Buddha and the one listed below especially for you. Also, it is wonderful on your shrine if you are stressed, or ill and need healing, or working for the healing of others...

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