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Special Use Bells

In my studies of bell-ringing, I learned that a good bell-ringer can actually send a specific,clear message of one kind or another far and wide by the way in which he rings the bell. The Church-Bell is a good example; any elder will tell you that in until recent times The Bell was rung to announce distinct things such as the time of day, or an urgent message such as fire or danger alert, death or celebration. Each message has its own chi or energy, which travels from the ringer through to the bell and out to the surrounding community. Those hearing the bell can tell without a doubt what the ringer is conveying just by the way the bell is rung. Here we have a variety of bells created for special purposes, to help you with your intentions and getting what you need and want. The Tibetan Bell and Dorje set is used for meditation and special rituals, the Dragon Bell for calling people together, Good Fortune Bell to attract luck and wealth chi, Lovely Blessing Bell to not only bring blessings but to remind the hearer how blessed they are, Table Fish Bell - another bell made of many metals to ring for attention, Prosperity Coin Bell to call in wealth and richness of Being, Pagoda Bell for Peace & Protection, Children's Happiness Bell to attract joyful children chi , Protection & Safety Bell to surround the hearer with safety, and the Prosperity Blessing Bell for calling in wealth and richness of Being.

  • Ornate Brass Desk Bell
    $21.00 Ornate Brass Desk Bell.
    Perfect for calling class to order, or for your shop front desk, or for whenever you need people to pay attention. The sound is melodic, but with an edge of command. Makes the ringer feel 'in charge'! 3" high and 3.25"...

  • Lovely Blessing Bell
    $10.00 $8.00 Lovely Blessing Bell.
    Made of brass, Pretty tone, not too sharp sounding. Bells are traditionally used to send prayers to all the realms through the use of sound. In Asia bells like these are empowered and placed outside at the corners of the...

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