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Tips On Placement Of Feng Shui Shrines

As with any Feng Shui item, the shrines that you choose for your home, business or for any other place in particular, needs to be placed properly. Positioning of Feng Shui shrines is the most important part and it is quintessential in the entire process. Whatever it is that you expect to achieve by setting up Feng Shui shrines, you have to put it at the right place and with the right spirit for it to help you in your quest.

Feng Shui shrines shouldn’t be kept anywhere that doesn’t have a confined setting. For instance, you cannot keep Feng Shui shrines in the middle of a room or at a place where there are no walls around. You cannot hang shrines from a pedestal or using any other form of harness. Also, you cannot have shrines placed anywhere upon which there are enormous loads or a lot of chaotic infrastructure.

Feng Shui shrines must be kept at a place that is relatively the quieter part of the establishment. It should be a warm place and there should be no major openings other than one side wherefrom you would place your offerings and view the shrine. Ideally, there should be a wall at the back and on either side of the shrines. It should be kept a little away from the busy areas in a home, office or workplace. There shouldn’t be anything above it or beneath it. All you should have beneath is a raised platform or a pedestal that simply supports the shrines or gives it an elevation.

These tips on placement of Feng Shui shrines are important because you have to ensure that the money chi or the energy that is responsible for the financial benefits that you would gain or any other energy that you want to benefit from by the virtue of the shrines wouldn’t be able to escape in such a setting. If you have shrines placed anywhere then you wouldn’t be able to harness the energy as that would escape in a chaotic and open ambience.

Another very important tip on using shrines is that you should never consider it to be a customary presence or just something that you would just do. You should indulge in regular offerings and treat the shrines as an altar where you would put forth your belief and love. Treating shrines as something customary wouldn’t help your purpose.

Our shrine materials are well kept and ready for the sacred places to which they placed.

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