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Shrines and Rituals

  • Altar Cloth
    $55.00 Choose Options Altar Cloth
    Simply beautiful! These altar cloths are the decorative and traditional basis on which to build your shrine. The smaller one measures 28" x 36", and the larger one is a square 36" x 36" both are made of silk brocade, and...

  • Bell and Dorje set
    $63.00 Choose Options Bell and Dorje set
    (Dilbu) Bell and Dorje are handmade by Tibetans and used for special rituals. This Bell is used to call the presence of Buddha and the Deities and is balanced to 'sing' harmonically at specific tones. It can also be made to...

  • Copper Bowls, no decoration - Set of 7
    $32.00 Copper Bowls, no decoration - Set of 7
    Set of Seven, made of copper. Simple, elegant. 2 3/4" wide. Ideal for the smaller shrine.

  • Copper Pedestal Bowl - tall
    $16.00 Choose Options Copper Pedestal Bowl - tall
    Known as 'dipa', this Tibetan butter lamp is made from copper with brass accents. Beautifully made. It can be placed with rice or other offerings on an altar. These days many people put tea lights in them instead of ghee or...

  • Copper Pedestal Bowl, short
    $18.00 Copper Pedestal Bowl, short
    A butter lamp, this lovely and unusual Tibetan bowl can be used for many things; they are very popular as candle holders, and I have seen them used to decorate the dining table for an unusual centerpiece. They are very well...

  • Double Dorje
    $47.00 Double Dorje
    Double Dorje, used for many kinds of rituals. four-prong, 4.5 inches long. Heavy brass with copper wash.

  • Embossed Silver Picture Frame
    $25.00 Embossed Silver Picture Frame
    This frame comes with a picture of HH The Dalai Lama in it. It is ideal for the altar, and can be used to hold the image of your teacher or any beloved's photograph . It is 3.5' high and beautifully made of silver...

  • Fire Swords, or Tibetan Khadga Swords - Curved
    $33.00 Choose Options Fire Swords, or Tibetan Khadga Swords -curved or straight
    The fire sword, also known as a Khadga is a Buddhist symbol of enlightenment. It is used to destroy ignorance (the enemy of liberation) from the bonds of worldly attachments. It is found in the hand of Manjushree the god of...

  • Fluted Brass Offering Bowls (Set of 7)
    $33.00 Fluted Brass Offering Bowls (Set of 7)
    Set of seven bowls, for water offering, made of brass. Each has a diameter of 2.5".

  • Hanging Incense Burner
    $55.00 Hanging Incense Burner
    This ornate hanging burner is ideal for performing a ritual when you need to walk around, but it has feet so that it can be set down on any surface. It is used especially for burning sage and resins. Beautifully made with...

  • Kartika Knife
    $45.00 Kartika Knife
    Used also in Feng Shui, the Kartika symbolized the cutting through of all material and worldly bonds. The knife is crowned with a dorje, which is said to destroy ignorance, and leads to enlightenment. Made of brass and iron...

  • Peacock Feathers - set of 3
    $9.00 Peacock Feathers - set of 3.
    Three PEACOCK FEATHERS which are used in a number of rituals. They measure between 10" -15".

  • Silver and Gold Offering Bowls (Set of Seven)
    $65.00 Silver and Gold Offering Bowls (Set of Seven)
    Silver plate on copper, with gold-plated design, set of seven, each of diameter 2.75".

  • Singing Bowl Set with Book
    $78.00 Choose Options Singing Bowl Set with Book
    These singing bowls are around 75 years old and very special. The singing bowls are used to develop focus and attention in our practice and in our daily lives. Don't be fooled by replicas - our antique singing bowls are hand...

  • Tibetan Copper Bowl, single or in sets of 7
    $3.50 Choose Options Tibetan Copper Bowl, single or in sets of 7
    These Tibetan copper bowls with brass detail are decorated with brass. Traditionally for the shrine and used for offering bowls in sets of 7, they can of course be used in many ways, from holding morsels to holding candles...

  • Tibetan Prayer Wheel
    $25.00 Choose Options Tibetan Prayer Wheel
    Traditional Prayer Wheels. Consecrated, with a scroll of prayers, or mantras, inside. Spin clockwise if you are Buddhist, and counter-clockwise if you are a Bon practitioner. Each rotation sends a set of prayers to all...

  • Window/Door Top Trim (Shamboo)
    $28.00 Choose Options Window/Door Top Trim (Shamboo)
    Our Shamboo are made of very high quality SILK. It is a pleated hanging which produces a ruffled effect and is very protective as well. Measures 36" x 14" and is used across the top of a window or door, or around an entire...

  • Window/Door Trim (Dhunkhap)
    $35.00 Window/Door Trim (Dhunkhap)
    This is called a Dhunkhap; it is a gorgeous, layered brocade hanging with fringe, meant for window or door. Measures 36" x 17".

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