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Sapphire Crystals

  • Colored Crystal Balls, 30mm
    $21.50 Choose Options Colored Crystal Balls, 30mm
    These Feng Shui crystals come as a variety of beautiful Swarovski faceted colored crystal balls, 30mm (1-1/8" diameter). Click here to read about what the colors mean in Feng...

  • 40mm Facetted Crystal Spear
    $8.95 $6.95 Choose Options Colored Facetted Spear Prism
    Swarovski's long standing classic faceted spear. Thinner, more elegant and with more facets than the other teardrop shapes, we've been selling this prism steadily for over 25 years. 40mm in length.

  • Feng Shui Crystal Bells (FSE-WC-FSCB)
    $21.00 Feng Shui Crystal Bells
    These wonderful crystal bells will brighten anyone's day.  Place the bells in the front of your exterior door to enhance the good chi energy and move in toward your home.  Too keep the good chi in...

  • Larger 40mm Colored Swarovski Crystal Faceted Balls
    $35.50 Choose Options Larger 40mm Colored Swarovski Crystal Faceted Balls
    Available in a larger size, and are gorgeous! Stands not included, but are available separately. OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE BUT MUST BE SPECIAL ORDERED. Click here to read about what each color means in Feng...

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