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Prayer Flags and Door Curtains

Our prayer flags are from Tibet and Napal.   Prayer flags are used as cermonial purposes usually sending a specific prayer in the wind.  Many times they are hung inside or outside of homes and businesses.  When you spot on in a business you'll know the owner has a good connection to the Universe.

We have several door curtains as well.  Door curtains have symbols of good fortune and blessings.  Our door curtains are from handmade from Tibet and Napal as well.

  • Tibetan Door Curtain #3
    $59.00 Choose Options Tibetan Door Curtain #3
    This is a fabulous door curtain in 3 different colors, all with multi-colored Auspicious Symbols. Made of heavy cotton, with the EIGHT AUSPICIOUS SYMBOLS gorgeously HAND EMBROIDERED on it. VERY PROTECTIVE ... especially good...

  • Tibetan Door Curtain #1
    $65.00 Choose Options Tibetan Door Curtain #1
    Endless knot design. The size of a door, approx. 36-1/2" x 73-1/2". Beautifully hand-made and very lovely. Made of Heavy Cotton, with tabs to slide the door rod through. Lined. Each one is a little different ruffle.

  • Tibetan Door Curtain #2
    $40.00 Tibetan Door Curtain #2
    This door curtain is made of heavy cotton, and the design is printed on the fabric. The color is red on orangy-yellow cotton, and is very protective energetically. It is the size of a normal door.

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