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Manufacturing and Quality Control

Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas for your health

Our manufacturing process maximizes the quality of the final product, insuring that each production run meets or exceeds our high standards for potency and purity.


The quality of their raw materials far exceeds industry standards.


  • Fresh whole herbs and standardized extracts are used instead of the bulk ground powders preferred by most manufacturers (Although these powders are considerably less expensive, it is impossible to verify exactly what you are getting or to preserve freshness in this form.)


  • All herbs are screened to confirm freshness and quality - only the highest grades are accepted.


  • Strict controls verify exactly the species (or sub-species), and portion of the plant to be used.

    Our formulas are extracted and concentrated for superior bioavailability and maximum potency.


  • A proprietary multi-stage extraction process using water and alcoholreleases the active ingredients from the tough fibrous portions of the plants. (This process differs significantly from simple hot water extractions or alcohol tinctures).


  • The solution is concentrated down to the maximum extent possible without losing any active components.(As opposed to the common strategy of producing an impressive concentration ratio, without regard for what may be lost in the process).

    Packaging procedures preserve purity and potency


  • All products are carefully packaged in moisture resistant bottles in a sanitary environment.


  • Wherever possible, formulas are placed into capsules.
  • Capsules are excellent for preserving freshness.
  • No binding agents or fillers are required - allowing for 100% active ingredients in each capsule.
  • Encapsulation is free of the tremendous heat and pressure generated by tableting machines.

    Strict quality control procedures insure purity and potency.


  • Good Manufacturing Practicesare used throughout the manufacturing process. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) are comprehensive manufacturing standards established by the United States Pharmacopoeia for the production of pharmaceuticals.


  • All formulas are completely screened for all types of contaminants using established pharmaceutical standards.


  • Test results are verified by independent outside laboratories.


  • High pressure liquid chromatography, and other similar methods, are employed as an extra step whenever specific markers of activity can be measured.