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Lucky Charms

The Impact Of Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are one of the most widely bought Feng Shui items. Unlike many Feng Shui items, lucky charms do not have a precisely specific purpose. They are used by any and sundry for the purpose that they have in mind. Lucky charms are facilitators of any process that you engage in and they help you to get better at what you are doing or what you aspire to do.

In Feng Shui, the primary premise based on which all items are conceived is energy, which is also known as chi. Lucky charms are conceived to facilitate positive energy for the wearer or user of the items. It is positive energy that helps people achieve great heights. Negative vibes, procrastination, lack of confidence or energy are the reasons why people fail or struggle to achieve something. Lucky charms are facilitators of accomplishment, regardless of what one intends to achieve.

Lucky charms can be opted for if you wish to focus on something pertinent, which may be a personal skill or a professional goal. It can help you overcome psychological barriers that may or may not exist in the first place. Lucky charms help you to be in a positive frame of mind, think confidently and you can proactively act without being bogged down by fears of failure or procrastination. In other words, lucky charms can help you accomplish what you want in the manner that you want.

There are many types of lucky charms in Feng Shui and you can pick any one or more that you think would be ideal for you. Every person has a certain penchant for something specific. From coins to bells, animals to numbers designed to form amulets or bracelets, there are many types of lucky charms. There are numbers, alphabets, historically relevant designs or items that put forth specific situations in context. You can choose the items based on what you wish to achieve and what type of design or element would work for you. You can always seek advice on the type of lucky charms that you must choose and there is no rule that confines you to have only one.

Lucky charms can work for you or you may choose to gift it to someone you love or care about. With generous positive energies around you by the virtue of lucky charms, you can achieve what you desire.

These feng shui items are lucky charms or coin-oriented, though the bell-oriented charms are very powerful as well. Each item does a specific task, and relies on your awareness that by employing a feng shui charm or bell you are changing the chi of the situation. So be focused when you use these items!

  • Bell and Dorje set
    $63.00 Choose Options Bell and Dorje set
    (Dilbu) Bell and Dorje are handmade by Tibetans and used for special rituals. This Bell is used to call the presence of Buddha and the Deities and is balanced to 'sing' harmonically at specific tones. It can also be made to...

  • Brass Announcing Bell with Hanger
    $33.00 Brass Announcing Bell with Hanger
    Good Feng Shui! Our elegant brass announcing chime set has a lovely tone,with the melodious sound of the hand-cast and hand-tuned Tibetan bell. It is rung with its own red silk monkey-fist knot tassel, and comes with an...

  • Buddha on Money Bags | Feng Shui Emporium
    $23.00 Buddha on Money Bags
    Buddha on Money Bags is gold colored and very happy.  He is used for non-metallic gold cures.  He brings wealth and prosperty to you home or business.  Height is 4 inches, 3.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches...

  • Chinese Abacus (Calculator)
    $21.00 Chinese Abacus (Calculator)
    Chinese Abacus (Calculator) Carry your Chinese Abacus in style! This sturdy Abacus is made of wood. It comes in a beautiful brocade black box with dragon designs on top. It is a remarkably efficient Chinese calculator, and...

  • DragonWear Cinnabar Luck Dragon Bracelet
    $22.95 Cinnabar Luck Flower Bracelet
    Cinnabar Luck Flower Bracelet This intricately carved cinnabar flower bangle bracelet was created to protect you. Cinnabar is famous for its protective properties, and of course red is the yangest color. When...

  • A great way to hang bells, chimes, flowers, kitchen utensils - you name it! Extends 6" from wall.
    $24.00 Decorative Brass Wall Hanger
    A great way to hang bells, chimes, flowers, kitchen utensils - you name it! Extends 6" from wall.

  • Golden Ingots of Prosperity, Set of 3
    $6.50 Golden Ingots of Prosperity, Set of 3
    Golden Ingots of Prosperity, Set of 3 Handsome light-weight (plastic) golden ingots, nicely made. Each measures 1.5" x 1". These NON-metal ingots are recommended for Lo-Shu cures. Set of 3

  • Hanging Gong
    $66.00 Hanging Gong
    A stylish, beautiful hammered metal Gong with a strong, shimmering voice, hanging from a black wooden hanger with its own mallet. Measures 17.5" long and 12" wide - the gong's diameter is 10".

  • Japanese Eave Bell
    $11.00 Japanese Eave Bell
    Beautiful little eave bell with a strong, melodic tinkling sound. Made of cast brass in verdigris. 14" long. So lovely!

  • Lovely Blessing Bell
    $10.00 $8.00 Lovely Blessing Bell.
    Made of brass, Pretty tone, not too sharp sounding. Bells are traditionally used to send prayers to all the realms through the use of sound. In Asia bells like these are empowered and placed outside at the corners of the...

  • Protective Sword of Coins
    $24.00 Protective Sword of Coins
    Protective Sword of Coins Let this Protective Sword of Coins guard YOUR space. Tradition states that this kind of coin sword is not only used over doorways to protect one's space, but it is used to put on the wall...

  • Red Envelopes
    $3.95 Choose Options Red Envelopes
    Traditional red envelopes. Click on 'Use of the Red Envelope' story to appreciate the ancient and very practical reasons for its use.

  • Red Tassels (Pair)
    $5.25 Red Tassels (Pair)
    Red Tassels (Pair) Used in many Feng Shui adjustments and cures, our red tassels with gold-thread bands on the top are 8" long in themselves, and about 10.5" from top to bottom, and very silky.

  • Singing Bowl Set
    $44.95 Singing Bowl Set
    A Beautiful shiny-new singing bowl with a 3" diameter. Set includes Bowl, striker, a little pillow for the bowl to sit upon, all in a lovely 4.5" satin box with 'OM' in burgundy on the top. This is a very beautiful set, and...

  • Smaller Shopkeeper's Doorbell
    $10.95 Smaller Shopkeeper's Doorbell
    Lighter in weight and smaller than the others, this bell had a bright and strong tinkling ring and nonetheless does the trick.

  • Special Space Clearing Bell
    $39.95 Special Space Clearing Bell.
    This is no ordinary bell. It is made from seven special metals, and each bell is hand-tuned to give clarity and perfect,unobscured tone in order to clear unwanted energies, and to call in protective help. Recommended by top...

  • Three Legged Money Toads Keeping Money Safe
    $12.00 Three Legged Money Toads Keeping Money Safe
    Not only do these three legged toads bring money to you, they also guard it. Keeping the money you work so hard to aquire is just as difficult to achieve. The three legged frog has been viewed as money getters for centuries...

  • Wealth and Power Pendent
    $19.95 Wealth and Power Pendant
    Get ready to count your fortunes.  Among several symbols on this pendent, you'll find the abacus, ingots, and coins. This talisman has a lot of powerful feng shui symbols - Ru Yi, gold coins and abacus. They can...

  • This Yin Yang Charm with tassels is also a metal charm which consists of 3 parts: the Feng Shui BaGua Sword, Yin Yang Symbol and Feng Shui Bell.
    $5.00 Yin Yang Charm
    Yin Yang Charm This Yin Yang Charm with tassels is also a metal charm which consists of 3 parts: the Feng Shui BaGua Sword, Yin Yang Symbol and Feng Shui Bell. The Feng Shui BaGua Sword is used to ward off evil spirits. The...

  • Your Own Luck Animal
    $12.00 Choose Options Your Own Luck Animal
    Your Own Luck Animal In Chinese astrology, your birth year determines your dominant animal sign. Rather than determining 'personality' by the time of year in which you were born, in Taoist astrology it is the year itself...

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