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Lucky Cats

Noble Cats, Lucky Cats, Protective Cats! We have an excellent variety of fabulous felines just for you.

  • Waving Golden Lucky Cat
    $23.00 Waving Gold Lucky Cat
    Finally, the Waving Golden Lucky Cat has arrived at Feng Shui Emporium.  This guy is 9" tall and takes 2 - "AA" batteries (not included). He's made from a ceramic and leafed in gold. The left arm waves, blessing money...

  • Lucky Cat Special Wish Box
    $17.25 Lucky Cat Special Wish Box
    Lucky Cat Special Wish Box A charming blue and white porcelain Lucky Cat with both paws up is mounted on the lid of an oval box made of copper washed with silver. This is a special Feng Shui object; on the inside of the lid...

  • Lucky Cat Duo Bank with Kitten
    $15.00 Choose Options Lucky Cat Duo Bank with Kitten
    Lucky Cat Duo Bank with Kitten Such noble cats, beckoning Money and Luck to their owners! Lucky Cats are found in Chinese shops throughout the world. This particular cat family measures 5.75" wide and 6" high, although we...

  • Golden Lucky Cat Bank
    $15.00 Choose Options Golden Lucky Cat Bank
    Golden Lucky Cat Bank Be still, my beating heart! Our Golden Lucky Cat Bank has its paw up to draw in Wealth for you. Every Asian store in the world has one of these - and most Asian homes too, I suspect. His handsome...

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