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Love Theme

  • Heart-Shaped Brocade Box
    $3.25 Choose Options Heart-Shaped Brocade Box
    Beautifully made with protective red cloth inside. The bottom inside is padded in red too, for extra gentleness & protection for whatever you put inside. About 3" at widest part, plenty of room for jewelry.

  • Heart-Shaped Earrings with Garnets
    $24.95 Heart-Shaped Earrings with Garnets
    These are really sweet! These heart-shaped earrings are made of sterling silver and have large faceted garnets in the center of each. They measure 1" in length, and the hooks fasten in the back so they will not slip off when...

  • This is a real find at a great price, brought to me by a dear Tibetan friend.
    $36.00 Endless Knot Necklace and Bracelet Set
    This is a real find at a great price, brought to me by a dear Tibetan friend. Strikingly elegant, both the necklace and the bracelet feel so wonderful to wear, that even I was amazed. The manner in which it is made is, in...

  • Silver Link Bracelet - Longevity (long life)
    $33.00 Silver Link Bracelet - Longevity (long life)
    Exceptionally well made,these sterling Silver Link Bracelets have the calligraphy for Long Life. Each has a very high quality clasp with bar catch, found only in the finest jewelry. They also feel light and wonderful on the...

  • Quartz Heart Necklace - romantic and practical!
    $23.00 Quartz Heart Necklace - romantic and practical!
    This natural rose quartz stone necklace in the shape of a heart is not only romantic and beautiful but is incredible useful; quartz is used to ward off harmful rays from your computer's monitor. Because of this I wear mine...

  • Pink Crystal Heart
    $15.95 Choose Options Pink Crystal Heart
    Pink Crystal Heart Beautiful faceted pink Swarovski crystal heart, to give to someone you love, to wear to enhance your own Love Chi, or to place in your Relationships Gua. Strung on a red silk cord. Comes with its own...

  • Mandarin Duck Couple
    $27.00 Choose Options Mandarin Duck Couple
    Mandarin Duck Couple We have found you a pair of the classic, correct Mandarin Ducks for your relationship corner, to bring you strength of devotion and romantic bliss! Beautifully made of rose quartz and sitting on a lotus...

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