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Love and Relationships

Everyone needs love and relationships.  We are dedicated to helping you enhance or start a relationship with the one you love.

  • Bone Necklaces: Long Life, Double Happiness or Good Luck
    $24.50 Choose Options Bone Necklaces: Long Life, Double Happiness or Good Luck
    Handmade of Bone, these very special necklaces have graduated beads, and the carefully hand-carved calligraphy itself measures 1.5 inches. Overall the necklaces measure 26". Made of bone. Each comes in a brocade little pouch...

  • DragonWear Cinnabar Luck Dragon Bracelet
    $22.95 Cinnabar Luck Flower Bracelet
    Cinnabar Luck Flower Bracelet This intricately carved cinnabar flower bangle bracelet was created to protect you. Cinnabar is famous for its protective properties, and of course red is the yangest color. When...

  • Attract love immediately into your life with these time-honored feng shui tips!
    $8.95 Feng Shui Dos & Taboos for LOVE, by Angi Ma Wong
    Attract love and relationships into your life with these time-honored feng shui tips! For instance, DO keep your emotions, environment and lifestyle in balance - the Chinese believe that disruption of these three are the...

  • Blue Feng Shui Fertility Elephant
    $30.95 Fertility Elephant
    Protection, good luck, wisdom and fertility are the feng shui energies brought by the symbol of elephant. The elephant's trunk is the detail you would pay most attention to when choosing an elephant as a feng shui cure...

  • Golden Ho Tai Buddha | Feng Shui Emporium at Lucky Cat . com
    $18.00 Golden Ho Tai Buddha
    The Golden Ho Tai Buddha brings enjoyment and laughter where ever he goes.  Gold colored holding an ingot over his head, he is truely blessing all with his laugh.  4 inches tall, he is a gift to us all. Read about...

  • Heart-Shaped Brocade Box
    $3.25 Choose Options Heart-Shaped Brocade Box
    Beautifully made with protective red cloth inside. The bottom inside is padded in red too, for extra gentleness & protection for whatever you put inside. About 3" at widest part, plenty of room for jewelry.

  • Heart-Shaped Earrings with Garnets
    $24.95 Heart-Shaped Earrings with Garnets
    These are really sweet! These heart-shaped earrings are made of sterling silver and have large faceted garnets in the center of each. They measure 1" in length, and the hooks fasten in the back so they will not slip off when...

  • Mandarin Duck Couple
    $27.00 Choose Options Mandarin Duck Couple
    Mandarin Duck Couple We have found you a pair of the classic, correct Mandarin Ducks for your relationship corner, to bring you strength of devotion and romantic bliss! Beautifully made of rose quartz and sitting on a lotus...

  • Mandarin Duck Pair in Ivory Color
    $15.00 Mandarin Duck Pair in Ivory Color
    Mandarin Duck Pair in Ivory Color A pair of beautifully decorated ducks (female/male) carved out of composite ivory resin with a red crown and blue crown, and ivory and dark aqua body markings. Regarded by the Chinese as...

  • Pink Crystal Heart
    $15.95 Choose Options Pink Crystal Heart
    Pink Crystal Heart Beautiful faceted pink Swarovski crystal heart, to give to someone you love, to wear to enhance your own Love Chi, or to place in your Relationships Gua. Strung on a red silk cord. Comes with its own...

  • Silver Calligraphy Pendants Double Happiness
    $37.00 Choose Options Silver Calligraphy Pendants Double Happiness
    Beautifully made pendants of sterling silver. LONG LIFE or 'longevity' is very important gift to give someone for birthday especially. The calligraphies themselves are a little over 1 inch long, and the sterling silver...

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