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Our beautiful Tibetan jewelry is mostly made by monks in Tibet and Nepal.  All pieces are 100% unique.  Please don't forget to shop our Feng Shui Jewelry.

  • Silver and Jade OM locket
    $45.00 Silver and Jade OM Locket
    Beautiful and well built silver and jade locket pendent with the OM symbol on top.  Write your prayer or wish on paper and lock it way forever.  Hand-crafted in Napel, it's ready to be yours. Jade comes from the...

  • Swarovski Crystal Mala Bead Necklace
    $190.00 Choose Options Swarovski Crystal Mala Bead Necklace
    These fabulous necklaces are unusually powerful Malas with 108 Swarovski faceted crystal 8mm beads, interspersed with the elemental color needed. They are made of the same Austrian crystal as the bracelets. Their high...

  • Turquoise or Lapis and Silver Teardrop Necklace
    $55.00 Choose Options Turquoise or Lapis and Silver Teardrop Necklace
    Stunning! An elegant large teardrop of genuine turquoise, red coral or prized Lapis Lazuli (blue with gold flecks), with a harness of beautifully engraved silver, and strung on a silver cord. Turquoise absorbs the wearer's...

  • DragonWear Sterling & Semi-Precious Stone Dragon Pendant w/chain
    $58.00 Choose Options DragonWear Sterling & Semi-Precious Stone Dragon Pendant with chain
    DragonWear! A STERLING SILVER DRAGON holding a protective turquoise or coral stone in her teeth. Gorgeous detail & beautifully made, a real treasure. When I wear mine people openly lust for it. - It measures 1.5" long...

  • $18.00 Tibetan Cuff Bracelet With Central Stone and Cabochons
    This striking and intricate Tibetan Silver Plated Bracelet has a central oval stone with a cabochon at either side encased in a beautiful silver leaf design. It has exquisite silver detailing and silver swirls around the...

  • Tibetan Bead Bracelet
    $10.00 Tibetan Bead Bracelet
    This is a beautiful black tibetan bead bracelet with 3 big green beads. The beads are DZI beads which is a Tibetan word to describe a patterned, tubular agate bead, known as "Heaven's Bead". Tibetans believe DZI beads...

  • Om Mani Protective Mantra Bracelet #2
    $99.00 Om Mani Protective Mantra Bracelet #2
    This sterling silver bracelet has the Om Mani Padme Hum plated in 24 karat gold, in Tibetan. It is 1/2" wide, and very beautiful.

  • Powerful Tibetan Talisman
    $198.00 Powerful Tibetan Talisman
    Due to Silver prices the cost of the Powerful Tibetan Talisman has increased. This VERY SPECIAL sterling silver disk has 2 very famous,powerful and ancient Tibetan talismans, one on each side, to protect and keep us from...

  • Silver Tara Pendant
    $26.00 Silver Tara Pendant
    Sterling silver, embossed. . Tara, goddess of compassion and mercy, is the central female deity worshiped in Tibetan Buddhism. She has the rank of Boddhisattva and blesses and saves those who connect to her. The Sanskrit...

  • Shaman Necklace
    $24.50 Shaman Necklace
    When my Tibetan friend Khedup first saw me wear this, he said "Ohhh, you have a Medicine Necklace... very interesting". This necklace has an auspicious twenty-seven pendants made of certain natural objects affixed to a black...

  • Medicine Ring
    $4.75 Medicine Ring
    Traditional medicine ring made of three; metals, copper, silver and brass, woven together. Adjustable so it can fit almost anyone.

  • DragonWear Round Dragon Pendant
    $28.00 Dragon Wear Round Dragon Pendant
    DRAGONWEAR! Fabulous swirling, protective genuine silver dragon with beautiful detail, strung on a red silk cord. 1.5" diameter. Comes tucked in a pretty little bag. Click on picture for a larger view.

  • Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant
    $34.50 Silver Prayer Wheel Pendant
    Our sterling silver prayer wheel spins just like the big ones, and are elaborately embossed. Each turn of the prayer wheel sends blessings into the universe. Ours are special in that they are consecrated, with prayers rolled...

  • Medicine Bracelet
    $18.00 Choose Options Medicine Bracelet
    These medicine bracelets are the most popular ones - all my older Tibetan friends use these to give them the minerals they need that are in these metals - copper, silver and brass. Fits any wrist.

  • Tibetan Medicine Bracelet with Five Semi-Precious Stones
    $32.00 Choose Options Tibetan Medicine Bracelet with Five Semi-Precious Stones
    Bottom bracelet in picture above. Five semi-precious stones resting upon the famous three-metal (copper, silver & brass) medicine bracelet, worn to help arthritic conditions. The stones are large, hand-cut and set in...

  • DZI BEAD PENDANT with heavy silver beadwork and solid silver back!
    $55.00 DZI BEAD PENDANT with heavy silver beadwork and solid silver back!
    Truly stunning, very unusual and powerful. The dzi (Z) bead is considered to have great protective power. Extremely hard to come by, it is said that the true dzi beads have fallen to earth from deep space, and are wildly...

  • Om Mani Protection Bracelet #1 Tibetan
    $45.00 Om Mani Protection Bracelet #1 Tibetan
    This high quality Tibetan Silver (50% silver, 50% alloy for sturdiness and longevity) is unusually heavy and is 1/2" wide. It has exquisite detail, and genuine turquoise or coral cabochons on either side of the mantra,...

  • Buddha Amulet
    $28.00 Choose Options Buddha Amulet
    I still hang my amulet by a black cord, because unlike chains, cording does not have links that can break. These amulets were made by Buddhist Monks in Thailand, cast in iron, from amulets HUNDREDS of years old. We have both...

  • Om Mani Rectangular Locket w/black cord
    $31.90 Om Mani Rectangular Locket w/black cord
    This rectangular sterling silver pendant/locket has the protective seed syllables for OM MA NI PAD ME HUNG embossed on the front, and is encircled by beadwork. Two protective dorjes decorate each side. Opens from the back so...

  • Sterling Locket
    $38.50 Sterling Locket
    This beautiful, small oblong sterling locket (gau or kavacas) is light in weight and has the six true words embossed on it. It opens on one end, so you can slip prayers into it. Strung on protective red cord. Measures one...

  • Tibetan OM
    $24.00 Tibetan OM
    Made of sterling silver, measures 1.25 inches, on a protective red cord, and tucked in a little pouch.

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