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Indoor Water Fountains

Fountains raise or lower the chi in a space, depending on how the water flows. For instance, if you wanted to put a fountain in a board room, which usually is a good idea, if everyone on the board works smoothly, and it is almost boring to have those meetings, then you would want to raise the chi, or energy, by installing a fountain that spurts upward. Now if the board members are a hot-headed lot, you would want to 'cool down the situation' with a fountain that flows gently downward, smoothing out the chi and relaxing the atmosphere.

  • Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain with LED light
    $80.00 Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain with LED light
    Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain with LED light is our newest line of fiberglass fountains have the look of natural stone with the strength and durability of fiberglass. Multiple streams of water flow creates a relaxing and...

  • Eternity Tabletop Water Feature
    $80.00 Eternity Water Fountain
    Let the tranquil sound of natural flowing water produced by this exquisite piece will relax your mind, body and spirit. Crafted by a team of gifted artisans, our fountains are made of elegant, lightweight durable resin...

  • Buddha Water Feature with LED Light
    $135.00 Tabletop Buddha Water Feature with Light
    Wonderful Buddha Water Feature with LED Light in the Lotus. Peaceful display standing 19" high. Our Taó Fountains are made of durable cast resin. They bring harmony, good fortune and vibrance of natural world to any...

  • Water Bell Fountain
    $179.00 Choose Options Water Bell Fountain
    Water Bell Fountain These are beautiful fountains; three styles; two are made of metal (copper or Green powder-coated steel) and being metal it enhances the water element with it's upward energetic thrust. This fountain...

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