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  • $5.00 Ritual Tibetan Incense with Juniper
    This Ritual Tibetan Incense is made by hand from highly flavored aromatic herbs. Juniper is included, which has a major medicinal role in the treatment of many contagious diseases, and also is importantly used for...

  • Red Crystal Incense (special)
    $15.00 $13.50 Red Crystal Incense (special)
    The traditional Tibetan herbal incense for health meditation, carefully compounded from 23 herbal medicinal ingredients brought from their native environments from the High Himalayan Mountain Range, Kulu, Manali, Sikkim,...

  • Healing Hand Incense Holder
    $8.50 Healing Hand Incense Holder
    This red clay incense Burner has two sizes of holes especially made for the type of special healing incenses that we sell. I think they are totally cool looking, and of course, they are very functional. This is my favorite...

  • Pancha Buddha Tibetan Incense
    $6.00 Pancha Buddha Tibetan Incense
    Zimpu is a ritual incense. Its special manner of preparation is one of the ancient traditional arts of the monastic orders of Tibet. It is composed of 11 ingredients of which saffron, nagi, red and white sandalwood form a...

  • Tara Prayer Incense
    $5.00 Tara Prayer Incense
    Traditional Tibetan incense made using original centuries-old formula, all natural ingredients which include rhododendrons and saffron. 10" long about 30 sticks.

  • Nag Champa
    $3.50 Nag Champa
    We could not resist offering Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, because many of you adore it, and it has the reputation as perhaps the most famous incense in the world. It is made in Bangalore, India - the home of Sai Baba himself...

  • $10.00 Choose Options Lama Chodpa Incense
    This is 100% pure natural Tibetan incense which has been blessed, and is prepared traditionally according to the instructions of ancient Tibetan manuscripts. It is made from 31 medicinal herbs and other natural precious...

  • Large Incense Holder
    $60.00 Large Incense Holder
    This incense holder is an extremely beautiful way to store your Tibetan incense. Made of copper and white metal, it is truly ornate. It is decorated with the eight auspicious symbols, all worked in metal and cut out in a...

  • Round Incense Holder - OUT OF STOCK
    $33.00 Round Incense Holder
    THE way to contain your incense! Our holder is beautifully handcrafted with prayers and blessings. Made of copper, brass and white metal, with colored beads interspersed around it. 9.5 inches long.

  • Green Tara Incense
    $5.00 Green Tara Incense
    Handmade from medicinal herbs and other precious substances. Superior quality and green in color, generally used for puja offering and purification and is also as an air freshener with a pleasant scent. 6" long, about 12...

  • Incense Buddha
    $18.00 Incense Buddha
    A 'Healing Buddha Meditating' made of Spiritual Incense, 4 inches tall, with 4 packs of incense and a stand for both the statue and the stick incense to be burned. The incense Buddha is consecrated, made by Tibetan Lamas,...

  • Kuan Yin Incense Burner - Brass
    $42.00 Kuan Yin Incense Burner - Brass
    With fabulous detail, this incense burner is 4.5 inches X 5.5 inches, a nice size for shrine or table. Kuan Yin sits atop the lid, solid brass, very beautiful.

  • Tibetan Incense Burner, traditional
    $15.50 Tibetan Incense Burner, traditional
    This traditional Tibetan incense burner is made of wood, and brass. It is made for traditional Tibetan incense, and is used by laying the stick of incense horizontally on top of the brass lattice so that the ashes drop into...

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