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These gongs have been selected for their quality and rich voices. Each is hand-worked to get the most robust sound from the metal.

  • Genuine Chinese Gong with Stand, 3.5 feet high.
    $170.00 Choose Options Genuine Chinese Gong with Stand
    The sound of a gong awakens the mind, no doubt about it! If you are shopping for the ultimate gong, look no further - this genuine instrument has an amazing sound - deep, rich, thrilling and long-lasting...it is the real...

  • Gong With Metal Stand
    $79.00 Gong With Metal Stand
    For thousands of years gongs of various types have played an important role in both the religious and secular music of many Asian cultures. This gong is handcrafted using traditional methods for brilliant, shimmering sound...

  • Hanging Gong
    $66.00 Hanging Gong
    A stylish, beautiful hammered metal Gong with a strong, shimmering voice, hanging from a black wooden hanger with its own mallet. Measures 17.5" long and 12" wide - the gong's diameter is 10".

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