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Flags and Windsocks

For centuries Tibetans have placed prayer flags around their homes, at sacred sites, near monasteries, and on mountain passes, as an offering to the enlightened ones and as a prayer for the benefit of all beings. As these prayers are carried into the wind, blessings are evoke, auspicious circumstance is created, and obstacles of all kinds are diverted. Prayer flags raise the chi astonishingly if strung high up, like from tree to tree, or if you put up vertical ones from tall flagpoles. The vertical ones are especially good for strengthening one's chi, or life-force. Prayer flags are perfect for bringing a sense of sacredness to a garden, home or special place. Here we offer a variety of items to send out prayers using the wind as the vehicle. Door flags for 'empty doors', bamboo curtains and Door curtains can also be found in the 'Home' department.

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