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Five Elements

Five Elements

Feng Shui Five Elements

Fire * Earth * Metal * Water * Wood


These five elements represent the building blocks to all physical things on earth. Each element contains Yin and Yang balances.  There are three cycles; Productive, Weakening, and Controlling. 


Five Element Cycle
Productive Cycle
Water Produces Wood
Wood Produces Fire
Fire Produces Earth
Earth Produces Metal
Metal Produces Water
Weakening Cycle
Water Weakens Metal
Metal Weakens Earth
Earth Weakens Fire
Fire Weakens Wood
Wood Weakens Water
Controlling Cycle
Fire Controls Metal
Metal Controls Wood
Wood Controls Earth
Earth Controls Water
Water Controls Fire

By using a compass, we find the direction of our front door of our home or office.  Once we have obtained the direction, we use a Bagua/Pa Kua/Ba Gua to identify which corrosponding trigram.  For example, if our front door faces Northeasten direction, we have determined that it is Small-Earth.  To enhance our Education and Knowledge in that space, we would look at the Productive Cycle in the table above to determine what will enhance the area, which is Fire.  We want to avoid or limit using Metal and Wood as they weaken and place controls on the Education and Knowledge area of your home, i.e you and your family.


Bagua/Pa Kua/Ba Gua



To make finding the right product easy, we began sorting our products into these Five Element categories to help you easily find the matching items needed to enhance, weaken, or control the areas of your home or office.  Please note, that there are many other rules to follow, such as avoid using straight paths as the Chi will move too rapidly. This basically serves as decorating tips as well due to the natural order of the elements.

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