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Fish and Mandarin Ducks

All things fishy and carpish to enhance your educational and financial well-being. In the Duck Department, we offer to you the correct Mandarin Ducks for Love and Wedded Bliss.

  • Tibetan Magical Bronze Bowl
    $149.00 Choose Options Tibetan Magical Bronze Bowl
    Tibetan Magical Bronze Bowl Very unusual. Each bowl is hand-cast from bronze, with a green patina with either finely etched dragons in the bottom of the large bowl, or a fish pattern in the smaller one. Known as Lung Ding,...

  • Mandarin Duck Pair in Ivory Color
    $15.00 Mandarin Duck Pair in Ivory Color
    Mandarin Duck Pair in Ivory Color A pair of beautifully decorated ducks (female/male) carved out of composite ivory resin with a red crown and blue crown, and ivory and dark aqua body markings. Regarded by the Chinese as...

  • Mandarin Duck Couple
    $27.00 Choose Options Mandarin Duck Couple
    Mandarin Duck Couple We have found you a pair of the classic, correct Mandarin Ducks for your relationship corner, to bring you strength of devotion and romantic bliss! Beautifully made of rose quartz and sitting on a lotus...

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