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Ring The Feng Shui Bells

If you're into the practice of keeping balance in your life, partaking in feng shui is a vital part of that. One part of the art form that some people overlook, or aren't even aware of is bringing aural tranquility and balance to your personal space. That's where feng shui bells come in. Having a bell, and using it at the appropriate time, can mean all the difference in the world when you're looking for a sense of balance in your home, and in your heart.

Bells have long been a part of rituals and ceremonies across hundreds of years, and several different cultures. In the context of feng shui, the use of bells is a cleansing and healing way to direct the various forms of energy moving throughout your home. Homes and apartments are filled with energy, but that energy can grow stiff, stale, and stagnant over time. Over time, it can even start to tear into your personal strength and energy, leaving you lethargic, unproductive, and uninterested in living your life to your full potential. By bringing spiritual, calming sounds into your living space, you're bringing energy back into the area. Through each new ring of the feng shui bells, you are revitalizing your home's energy thanks to the delicate, beautiful art of sound therapy.

If you're looking to spread the energy through your home on a more consistent basis, consider hanging the feng shui bells atop your door. A home's door is a vital spot in the space, and serves as the starting point for positivity, possibilities, and endless opportunity. Hanging them there in place clears your home of residual negative energy, and replaces it with poisitivity each and every time someone enters. It's the easiest, simplest way to cleanse your home with very little effort.

There really is no better way to enhance your feng shui experience. It's a mostly silent practice, which works fine given the peaceful, relaxing nature of it all, but bells being in an entirely new sense to the equation- hearing. With them, you can literally hear the energy rippling through your home, and being revitalized. This in turn will have a drastic effect on your well being, which you will surely notice almost immediately. In no time, you'll feel the difference. Find the perfect bells for you and your home today, and get started on the path towards peace and tranquility.

Our bells make the most beautiful sounds as many are handmade in India and Tibet and some are designed to perfection.

  • Japanese Eave Bell
    $11.00 Japanese Eave Bell
    Beautiful little eave bell with a strong, melodic tinkling sound. Made of cast brass in verdigris. 14" long. So lovely!

  • Brass Announcing Bell with Hanger
    $33.00 Brass Announcing Bell with Hanger
    Good Feng Shui! Our elegant brass announcing chime set has a lovely tone,with the melodious sound of the hand-cast and hand-tuned Tibetan bell. It is rung with its own red silk monkey-fist knot tassel, and comes with an...

  • Pagoda Bell for Peace and Protection
    $15.00 Pagoda Bell for Peace and Protection.
    Three Kuan Yin bells with ringers that say 'luck is with you now' hang from the protective claws of three small dragons which are perched upon the 6 sided pagoda. There are three auspicious Kuan Yin bells, and in the center...

  • Ornate Brass Desk Bell
    $21.00 Ornate Brass Desk Bell.
    Perfect for calling class to order, or for your shop front desk, or for whenever you need people to pay attention. The sound is melodic, but with an edge of command. Makes the ringer feel 'in charge'! 3" high and 3.25"...

  • Lovely Blessing Bell
    $10.00 $8.00 Lovely Blessing Bell.
    Made of brass, Pretty tone, not too sharp sounding. Bells are traditionally used to send prayers to all the realms through the use of sound. In Asia bells like these are empowered and placed outside at the corners of the...

  • Special Space Clearing Bell
    $39.95 Special Space Clearing Bell.
    This is no ordinary bell. It is made from seven special metals, and each bell is hand-tuned to give clarity and perfect,unobscured tone in order to clear unwanted energies, and to call in protective help. Recommended by top...

  • Singing Bowl Set
    $44.95 Singing Bowl Set
    A Beautiful shiny-new singing bowl with a 3" diameter. Set includes Bowl, striker, a little pillow for the bowl to sit upon, all in a lovely 4.5" satin box with 'OM' in burgundy on the top. This is a very beautiful set, and...

  • Hanging Gong
    $66.00 Hanging Gong
    A stylish, beautiful hammered metal Gong with a strong, shimmering voice, hanging from a black wooden hanger with its own mallet. Measures 17.5" long and 12" wide - the gong's diameter is 10".

  • House Eave Bell
    $20.50 House Eave Bell
    These bells can serve many purposes - you can hang them from the corners of your house, office or on a porch - they are typical of the ones that often hang from the eaves of temples, buildings and homes all over Asia. Made...

  • Temple Bell Trio - outside, or as an inside doorbell
    $27.25 Temple Bell Trio - outside, or as an inside doorbell
    This gorgeous Temple Bell Trio has 3 brass bells & black wood. Very lovely sound, clear and magical. Measures 24". People are now using them hung from the ceiling so that the front door will hit them when it opens and...

  • Gong With Metal Stand
    $79.00 Gong With Metal Stand
    For thousands of years gongs of various types have played an important role in both the religious and secular music of many Asian cultures. This gong is handcrafted using traditional methods for brilliant, shimmering sound...

  • Bell and Dorje set
    $63.00 Choose Options Bell and Dorje set
    (Dilbu) Bell and Dorje are handmade by Tibetans and used for special rituals. This Bell is used to call the presence of Buddha and the Deities and is balanced to 'sing' harmonically at specific tones. It can also be made to...

  • A great way to hang bells, chimes, flowers, kitchen utensils - you name it! Extends 6" from wall.
    $24.00 Decorative Brass Wall Hanger
    A great way to hang bells, chimes, flowers, kitchen utensils - you name it! Extends 6" from wall.

  • FEng Shui practitioners, show your vocation in your own living room with this coffee-table book; this another excellent book by the famous Denise Linn.
    $27.95 Space Clearing - How to Purify and Create Harmony in Your Home, by Denise Linn
    Feng Shui practitioners, show your vocation in your own living room with this coffee-table book; this another excellent book by the famous Denise Linn. As usual she offers practical advise, inspiration and guidance. Improve...

  • Cherry Finished Zen Chime
    $15.00 Choose Options Zen Chime
    A single lovely, long-lasting tone to call a meeting together, start and end meditation, or call attention for any occasion. Seven inches long, 2 inches wide, 1 inch tall.  

  • Smaller Shopkeeper's Doorbell
    $10.95 Smaller Shopkeeper's Doorbell
    Lighter in weight and smaller than the others, this bell had a bright and strong tinkling ring and nonetheless does the trick.

  • Brass Protection Doorbells on Cord
    $23.95 Choose Options Brass Protection Doorbells on Cord
    Brass Protection Doorbells on Cord These brass bells have strong, cheerful tones and are strung together on a cord with a loop, all ready to be hung on a door knob so you can tell when someone is going in and out of the door...

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