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All over India and Asia the elephant is said to bring good fortune - the caveat is that the trunk must curl upward.

  • Blue Rhino and Elephant Key Ring
    $15.00 Blue Rhino and Elephant Key Ring
    This beautiful Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant is a symbol of protection against robbery, accidents and enemies. It symbolizes protection in both your car and home.

  • Blue Feng Shui Fertility Elephant
    $30.95 Fertility Elephant
    Protection, good luck, wisdom and fertility are the feng shui energies brought by the symbol of elephant. The elephant's trunk is the detail you would pay most attention to when choosing an elephant as a feng shui cure...

  • Elephant Pillar Incense Holder
    $6.00 Elephant Pillar Incense Holder
    This intricately designed elephant pillar is made out of quality soapstone. It can hold up to 5 incense sticks and has beautiful elephant carvings on each side. It measures 2" high and 1.5" wide.

  • Aromatherapy Elephant Oil Diffuser
    $19.95 Aromatherapy Elephant Oil Diffuser
    Naturally change the mood of any environment and enjoy the healing benefits of aromatherapy with this all-natural hand-carved soapstone oil diffuser. It will visually inspire relaxation, to compliment the soothing fragrance...

  • Brass Lucky Elephant
    $24.75 Brass Lucky Elephant
    Brass Lucky Elephant Sweet little lucky elephant that sits 3" tall.  Heavy for his size, elephants bring good luck and friendship.  They remove the stresses of live and lift burdens from the mind.  Everyone...

  • Elephant Friend
    $18.00 Elephant Friend
    Elephant Friend Write your troubles on the little scroll, tie it with the protective red string, and let your wooden Good Luck Elephant Friend remove your burdens and carry them instead. Place him in the gua (section) of...

  • Fortune Elephants Incense Holder
    $15.00 Fortune Elephants Incense Holder
    Fortune Elephants Incense Holder A beautiful and special incense burner HAND-CARVED out of soapstone. Each of these little works of art has eight little pachyderms with their trunks up (good luck) and in the center is a...

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