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Eave Bells

All over Asia and India you can hear the tinkling of bells - that's because eave bells like the ones below are hanging outside on the corners of buildings to catch the wind. But this ancient technique and use of bells is that the bells send prayers which ride the breeze and winds to the four corners of the earth. Often you will find that monks are the makers of this kind of bell. So when you hang your eave bell, do so with intention, so that your prayers (for world peace perhaps) will be sent throughout the world. And each time anyone hears the bells, they know what the bells are doing. Aside from that, for weather-watchers the bells also tell you when the wind is picking up or dying down.

  • House Eave Bell
    $20.50 House Eave Bell
    These bells can serve many purposes - you can hang them from the corners of your house, office or on a porch - they are typical of the ones that often hang from the eaves of temples, buildings and homes all over Asia. Made...

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